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Helpful Tips

What happens if I don't provide the requested documents in a timely fashion?
It is necessary to provide the requested data on a timely basis. We must take commitments to tax agencies serious to win their cooperation. A major reason we are able to achieve positive results with the IRS and AR agents is the credibility we have built with them by keeping those commitments. We will not jeopardize this hard-earned relationship as it benefits the majority of our clients.
Time is of the essence.
Many tax notices must be responded to quickly to avoid added problems such as property liens or levies against wages or other forms of income. Notices should never be ignored or put off.
How long should this take?
Elapsed time on tax problem cases is often longer than clients expect. Cases may run over several months, as the responses from taxing authorities are often slow.
Powers of Attorneys?
Powers of Attorneys are required to allow taxing agency personnel to discuss your confidential tax matters with us. The Powers of Attorney we have you sign does not allow us to perform any non-tax matters
When working with you should I talk to the IRS?
We will handle conversations with IRS/AR. You will not be required to talk or deal with agents unless you choose to do so.
Calls from our office.
You may receive a call requesting additional documents, or updating you on our progress. In the interest of efficiency members assisting in the preparation of your case may make the calls.

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